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Facelec Park

Brigada de diseño

FACELEC, is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of electrical and telephone cables for low voltage and distribution of electricity in copper and aluminum. Located in, Madrid Cundinamarca. FACELEC engage with the community of “Los Arboles”, where the company is located, generating a social responsibility program business and wants to build a community park forthe village and community, on a lot that is owned of the company.

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In a Month

I'm Lizeth Ladino architecture student and AFHBogotá internship student, I chose to do my practice in AFHBogotá because is a corporation with a social focus, where is used architecture as a tool for change and attention to vulnerable communities. I saw in AFHBogotá the opportunity to test my knowledge and at the same time contribute to change.

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Chapter Monthly Meeting

Every second Friday of the month we meet in our office, all volunteers to see the project progress and coordinate efforts to advance their development, and of course to rest after a long week with a well deserved beer. hope you join us.

¨Acuerdo para la Prosperidad¨Barranquilla

Acuerdo para la prosperidad Barranquilla

Architecture for Humanity Bogota was invited to participate in the ¨ Prosperity Agreement · number 38 in the city of Barranquilla, Atlántico on June 24 and 25, 2011, as part of a group of social innovators to share our experiences in the context of overcoming extreme poverty.


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